Peenemünde [xxxxx] 2008

[Image: Kathrin Guenter] see also images2

[HTI Peenemünde/HKW Berlin 25/26/27/28/30 January 2008]

Peenemünde [xxxxx] presented an intense, conspiratorial two day long working group/workshop within a key, historical location actively examining that fiction which presents a dark heart of technology (as evidenced by electromagnetic practice), and a vivid relation to entropy/ecology.

Peenemünde [xxxxx] can be regarded as a life coding event with such compressed terms indicating relations to economics, architecture (a machine for living), substance and software [as scripting, as active means of description]. A concern is thus with the active design and implementation of a public, participatory format extending beyond terms such as (underground) workshop or working group. We are concerned with constructivism and construction (of plans, of apparatus, of interface, of software, of ideas and a view of the world) within a specific site of fiction and revelation (Peenemünde); a questioning of the detail of revelation and substance within a paranoiac frame (conspiracy and crash).

Peenemünde [xxxxx] is a treacherous or conspiratorial satellite event, with such documentation and scuppered/interfered research findings presented within a wider context for discussion (false documentation, science fact as fiction) during The Peenemünde Salon @ Bilderberg Salon (Wednesday 30th January 1PM, transmediale.08, HKW Berlin).

To suggest some kind of structure, the event borrows and at the same time exposes software development methodologies equally playing with both roles and (film) script: the interpreter (group) provides instant feedback for code segments as a language is slowly created to code the event, prior to debugging action and final execution (compilation). Plans were drawn up, structures envisioned and a question of language broached as the conspiracy of the hidden binary or black-boxed CPU is exposed by crash.

Content and practice is best revealed by the workshops and/or working groups described below.

Peenemünde research findings are presented in the form of a short POD (print on demand) publication:

Working groups/workshops

[Image: Frau In Mond. Fritz Lang]

1] Data forensics in the landscape: forensics

Divining and providing ideas for a future (data) archeology. Key concepts include physical data sedimentation, decoding and paranoia, cryptography. techniques for the examination of promiscuous data leakage, and making sense of/within a landscape.



2] The filmed image, history and pornography: filmedimage

Film, software, temporal bandwidth and time axis manipulation.

As part of Gravity's Rainbow working group GR:

[Gravity's Rainbow (a relation also to a ruined Berlin journeyed through by rocketman, transfers of technology and power (v2, z4, Konrad Zuse, history of computation and film, the full Friedrich Kittler panoply taken to excess and critique).]

Pornography (equally as paranoiac detail) and film as executable (proposed action), and provoking world view, is divined within a particular motif in Gravity's Rainbow: Ghost children/cannon fodder conceived, doubled and unidentified within the Alpdruckën (filmed) rape sequence (cf. GR. p 398)

3] W.A.S.T.E as hidden/carrier for hiding and as contemporary networked action: w.a.s.t.e

We Await Silent Tristero's Empire - The Crying of Lot 49.

Fiction as conspiracy theory par excellence. Language and betrayal/treason to the codes.



4] Endophysics in practice: endophysics

Collective world-view as conspiracy.

I recorded a few minutes in all three rooms. I recorded the toilet flushing and the shower running. I recorded the water running in the kitchen sink, the rattle of dishes and the opening and closing and hum of the refrigerator. I recorded on the balcony. Now I lay down on the bed and read some selections from The Magus into the recorder.

[William S. Burroughs. Cities of the Red Night]

5] The black box: blackbox

[Image: Processor. Peter Halley]

This analytic legacy has been handed down intact—it brought the technicians at Peenemünde to peer at the Askania films of Rocket flights, frame by frame, Ax by Ay, flightless themselves . . . film and calculus, both pornographies of flight.

[GR. p.567]

Working group towards the design of an interior CPU (interiority itself) to be mapped over the world (as exposure), as literary, false data sheet, as Jabberwocky API and as elegant diagram (early constructivist). Peenemünde map/aerial photography/investigations.

Life coding is described as a mapping of the descriptive means of hardware and programming onto the world, a concern with an interiority of the project of rationalism (the CPU) which can be expanded with reference to data sheets, instruction sets (for example) and an operating system in its widest (divine) sense. (code brut and Gnosticism). A relation to free software and open hardware is also imagined.

6] EM practice: EMpractice

Maxwell City and the haunted computer. A landscape and the exposure of its hidden (EM - electromagnetic) double. Ghost radio (EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) and data radio - a message is transmitted - again the link to decoding. EM and mind control, history of EM science and links to spiritualism. Pink light (EM) as information carrier.

November research trip: 1novdocumentation

Maxwell City:

Constraint City:

Mind control (and Philip K. Dick): [dead link]



Haunted computing:



[Image: Frau In Mond. Fritz Lang]

Tatiana Bazzichelli

Oswald Berthold

Federico Bucolossi

Marguerite Charmante

Ewen Chardronnet

Alejo Duque

Kathrin Guenter

Martin Howse

Jonathan Kemp

Martin Kuentz

Alice Miceli

Gaia Novati

Alejandra Perez Nunez

Julian Oliver

Otto E. Rossler

Jessica Rylan

Horia Cosmin Samoila

Gordan Savicic

Andrei Smirnov



Electromagnetic propaganda, the statement of industrial dogma, Bureau d'Etudes (2006)

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Pynchon and Electromysticism. Friedrich Kittler [translated in [the] xxxxx [reader] ] (2006)

Waves publication, edited by Armin Medosch, RIXC (2006).

Against the Day. Thomas Pynchon (2006)

The Crying of Lot 49. Thomas Pynchon (1966)

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Silence on the Wire: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks. Michal Zalewski (2005)

PM/V2 bibliography

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PM/V2 links


Frau In Mond (Fritz Lang, 1929)

[Note: Since rocket scientist Hermann Oberth worked as an advisor on this movie (he had originally intended to build a working rocket for use in the film; time and technology kept this from happening), it was very popular among the rocket scientists in Wernher von Braun's circle at the Verein für Raumschiffahrt (VfR). The first successfully launched V-2 rocket at the rocket development facility in Peenemünde had the Frau im Mond logo painted on its base.]

Die gefrorenen Blitze, (Janocz Veiczi, Harry Thürk, DDR 1967, 166 min)

[In 1963, “Das Geheimnis von Huntsville” (“the Secret of Huntsville”) is published, a documentary report on the production of Hitler′s long-distance missile V2 in Peenemünde. Based on the report, a bestseller, DEFA produces the monumental two-part film Die gefrorenen Blitze (Dir: János Veiczi) in 1967. The film is in wide-screen “Totalvision”. With small-scale models, the gigantic Peenemünde base is reconstructed.]

Prüfstand 7. (Robert Bramcamp, 2002)

V1/V2/PM and related media resources

Space Race - Wettlauf zum Mond (Mark Everest, 2006)

Peenemünde - Hitlers geheime Waffenschmiede (Polar Film, 2002)

Die Geheimwaffen des Dritten Reiches - V1, V2, Atombombe (Janusz K. Piekalkiwicz, 2004)

Trinity & Beyond - Die Geschichte der Atombombe (William Stromborg , 2004)

Gravity's Rainbow resources

Annotation project:


Wiki also:


Index of events:


A companion's companion:

Notes to the companion:

London in GR:

A Gravity's Rainbow Companion (2nd rev). Steve Weisenburger (2006)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Gravity’s Rainbow: a Study in Duplex Fiction. Danuta Zadworna-Fjellestad (Out Of Print)

Map and Locations:

Before you sight it, you can feel the place. Even draped over a gunwale, cheek against a fender smelling of tar, eyes tearing and insides sloshing as the sea. Even barren and scorched as Rossokovsky and the White Russian Army left it in the spring. It's a face. On the maps, it's a skull or a corroded face in profile, facing southwest: a small marshy lake for the eye-socket, nose-and-mouth cavity cutting in at the entrance to the Peene, just below the power station…

[Gravity's Rainbow [501]. Thomas Pynchon]


Archive images: archive_images

Early research: nov1images

The event: images2

for participants see peenemuendeinfo.pdf


Supported by transmediale.08, and Historisch-Technisches Informationszentrum Peenemünde (HTI):

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